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I'm a LAMP server kind of guy and I'm still using Apache. Apache related articles includ mostly htaccess, and config settings to get your dev machine and live to sync up.

Search engines are making duplicate content an easy problem to solve. This article outlines the htaccess method I use to redirect my sub domains to www.

One page sites are really popular. If you have a one page static html (or php) site, this article explains how to redirect your index.php or index.html to just

Usually 404 pages are handled within your framework or CMS, but some cases call for an htaccess 404 page. This article explains how to create 404 functionality using htaccess.

Protecting a directory with a password using Apache and htaccess is really simple, I'll tell you how anyway.

Are you scared of htaccess redirects? Don't be, they are easy! In this article I explain how to do a 301 and 302 redirect using Apache's .htaccess file.

Feedburner is a really popular service used to track information about your RSS feeds.

This article explains how to elegently intergrate your existing CMS with feed burner using Apache and htaccess.