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This article has nothing to do with web development. It is more for my reference, but if your interested feel free to read.

Qtopia is a linux OS used in PDAs and Cell Phones.

Fedora Core 4

Installing Qtopia on FC4 Qtopia installs in: /opt/Qtopia/

so just run the command: /opt/Qtopia/bin/qtopiadesktop


In Ubuntu you have to change the rpm to a deb file using alien:

#Make sure you have alien installed
sudo apt-get update; 
sudo apt-get install alien;

#convert the rpm using alien
sudo alien -k qtopia-desktop.rpm

#Install qtopia
sudo dpkg -i qtopia-desktop_2.2.0-1_i386.deb

Now add a link to the file /opt/Qtopia/bin/qtopiadesktop to your menu.