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In this article I will explain the steps you should take when choosing a domain for your organization. Domain Names are very important because they are what your customers, visitors or users will use to return to your website. In order for your site to be successful they will need to implement most of the following steps.

Keep it short

Sort domain names are easy for your users to remember, three-letter and four-letter .com domains are so popular that none remain. Try keep the number of characters to less than 24.

If you can't secure the .com, try another TLD such as .co or .ninja.

Remember you can't have spaces in your domain name only "-" (dashes), I talk about these further down. Domains with only one to three words are ideal such as your

Example: is a great domain and worth billions of dollars. is a good two-word domain worth millions of dollars.

Make It Easy To Remember

Most web surfers do not use their bookmarks. Web Surfers tend to memorize the domains they favour and visit them frequently; therefore, if your domain is hard to memorize you will lose return visitors.

Don't use hyphens

Again people have been trained to just type everything into their browser address bar with no spaces or hyphens. Your users will forget where to place the hyphen and most likely visit a competitors site which don't use hyphens.

Make sure your domain is easy to spell

Unfortunately most of your visitors are not as smart as you and only have their grade 12 education (if that). Also if you want to appeal to foreign markets where English may not be a users first language easy to spell words are essential (remember the web is world wide).

Example: is a great site if you know how to spell Osoyoos however most travelers do not. Buy more than one domain .com is the highest level of domain and the most popular. Advertisers have pounded into users heads to place a .com after what they are looking for. However is it very important to maintain your national domain as well as search engines which have localized search (such as google) will place your localized domain before .com.

Domain Name Provider

Finally you will have to choose where to purchase your domain name. I register all my domains through Frostybot Domain Names