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My Blog is all web development related articles. I talk mostly about LAMP MVC Development, but I have broken the info up in to categories so articles are easier to find.

Google Author

Google displays the author of content in certain search results. They are doing this to help eliminate content farms. Google also mentioned they will be favouring pages with an author for their rankings calculation.

This article explains to setup authorship on your web pages

Screen is a linux command line tool that allows you to store sessions and create windows without a GUI. This article is just a quick little "cheat sheet" for me to remember the screen key bindings, but you're welcome to read.

I'm now creating all new websites in HTML5. As always, IE is way behind in technology. This article explains how to get your html5 tags working just like they would in Opera, Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

I used to do a lot of contests where I select a random winner. Unlike the past I don't print out all of the contestants and draw from the hat, I use a command line PHP script.

Split is a really easy Linux command you can use to split large files into smaller chunks.

I find it really annoying when my mysql processes run away. This doesn't happen very often so I can never remember the command.

I don't often install Ubuntu server on a Virtual Machine (VM) so I've documented the process here. Usually you can just click "install VMWare tools" and VMWare will complete the process automatically.

This article includes the PHP class I use for simple form validation. The intent is to use the class for simple web forms such as a contact us form. If you are working on something larger like an e-commerce site you need something more robust.

I wrote this article because I found there were a lot of "Is your "SEO Experts" stating that the meta tag keywords is important. Metatag keywords do not effect your search engine ranking in any way.

It is common for a modern day office worker to be required to update a company website. This article quickly outlines basic HTML with the intent of teaching someone enough to edit a page of a corporate website which uses a Content Management System(CMS).