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My Blog is all web development related articles. I talk mostly about LAMP MVC Development, but I have broken the info up in to categories so articles are easier to find.

I'm hooked on using CodeIgniter which uses an active record class. This is bad because when I work on a non CodeIgniter project the work is not done for me. This article explains the PHP function I wrote which takes a Associative array and converts it into a mysql INSERT statement.

I've been using Ubuntu for about three years now and I've never taken the time to learn the keyboard shortcuts. I've wasted so much time taking the extra second to move my hand over to the mouse. The purpose of this article is to quickly teach you useful time-saving keyboard shortcuts available in Ubuntu.

There is a wealth of information on 404 pages, if you would like to read more I've posted my 404 resources here.

There was a time when a spammer would hide text from either the user or a search engine. This technique doesn't work because Google is really good at catching spam. This article discusses some common spam tatics that should not be used.

Yesterday, I blogged about custom 404 pages using htaccess. In the apache article, I hinted that you should use your framework to handle the 404 page.

This article explains how to create a custom 404 page in CodeIgniter (PHP framework).

Usually 404 pages are handled within your framework or CMS, but some cases call for an htaccess 404 page. This article explains how to create 404 functionality using htaccess.

Yesterday I blogged about CSS Specificity, where I mentioned in-line styles will take priority over all other CSS. However, there is a way to overwrite in-line styles, which I'll talk about in this article.

If you work with CSS you need to know CSS Specificity. This is one of the most important concepts to grasp with css. In this article I'm just going to briefly talk about CSS Specificity as many others have already covered the subject.

The Gimp is an image editor and Adobe photoshop's largest competitor. I've collected some valuable resources for users of The Gimp.

This article outlines everything I can think of about space on your server drives. What is taking up how much space where.