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My Blog is all web development related articles. I talk mostly about LAMP MVC Development, but I have broken the info up in to categories so articles are easier to find.

In this article I will explain the steps you should take when choosing a domain for your organization. Domain Names are very important because they are what your customers, visitors or users will use to return to your website. In order for your site to be successful they will need to implement most of the following steps.

I enjoy viewing web design galleries on a daily basis. Looking at other people's work helps me keep on top of trends, showcase what I can do better, and learn what to avoid.

Back in 2009 I used subversion on a daily basis; however, I have now moved on to Git. This article will serve as a reminder of popular SVN commands, in the event I ever have to use SVN again. The original idea for this article was to create a "cheat sheet".

I don't work in Windows or Mac often so I always forget where the hosts file is located. The windows etc hosts file and Unix etc host file both work the same, so usage is easy.